Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get set...

Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints had a post a while back about some homeschool helpers her family has been using.  Homeschool Tracker is one of them.  Based on her recommendation, I checked out the free software available on their site.

It's fantastic!  I've been looking for a way to keep track of Henry's assignments.  Angelicum sends out all of the lesson plans with enrollment, but I wanted something with which I could easily put together assignments, dates, and resources.

For free software, it's very comprehensive.  I'm sure we will upgrade to the paid version sometime down the road, but for now I am more than happy with the basic functionality.

I have all of Henry's lessons for July set up and ready to go.  We have a couple more books and a magnet lab kit on their way for science this month.  Other than that, we are ready for July 11th!

One thing we are going to do this week is review the lesson on the scientific method from Science is Simple: Over 250 Activities for Preschoolers.  We'll also read How to Think Like a Scientist: Answering Questions by the Scientific Method and Fortunately, by Remy Charlip. The latter is a really cute book that can be used to help kids make predictions about what will happen next in a story.

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