Saturday, July 2, 2011

On your marks...

Our lesson plans have arrived!  And they've made me realize that Saxon Math runs on a September schedule!  And it would be a pain to transcribe all of the meeting book stuff, so we're going to hold off on math until September!

But, we will begin everything else in July, as planned.  Language arts, music, art, and science.  That's plenty of learning right there.

We have company coming in for Independence Day.  We also have a lot of little projects that we need to get done around the house.  It's going to be a busy week or so before we begin.  In order to start with actual lessons on the 11th, we'll be doing our "first" week over the next week since it's really just looking over the materials together.

So much to do!  It's a good thing the garden is in a holding pattern right now.  Preschool is going to be a lot busier than nursery school.

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