Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Go! July 11 - 17, 2011

And we are off to the races!  After a break that was probably too long, we are back at work.  Henry is officially in preschool now.  I say the break was too long simply because it was a little difficult for Henry to settle down and focus on his first assignments.  What should have taken 15 minutes to complete became 45 minutes of do-overs.  However, by the end of our first lesson, he seemed to be back in the groove.

This week, we're doing four days of language arts using Get Ready for the Code and Hooked on Phonics.  We'll do one day of art using Draw Write Now's lesson on how to draw a hen.  We begin our unit on magnets from Science is Simple.  Finally, we'll discuss the Holy Trinity using our Who Am I? workbook.

Oliver is already falling in love with Hooked on Phonics.  An hour after Henry completed his assignments and ran off to play, Ollie is still sitting on my lap and laughing at the HoP DVD.  Makes me wonder who'll learn to read first!

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