Sunday, July 31, 2011

August 1 - 7, 2011

What we are working on this week:

  • Language Arts - Hooked on Phonics: Letters A, B, C, and D review, Letter E, Get Ready for the Code: Complete letter b and begin letter m
  • Art - Draw Write Now Book 1: Cow
  • Science - Science is Simple: We begin our unit on volume by exploring the volume of water in containers and seeing air as bubbles.
  • Music - We're abandoning the Wee Sing.  The boys just don't really care for it (and I find it grating).  Instead, we'll listen to our classical music station on Pandora while we do our schoolwork.
  • Good Books - The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh: Chapter 4
  • Religion - Who Am I? Preschool Book B: Actions and Attitudes - The Ten Commandments

Oliver is still enjoying Hooked on Phonics.  When Henry and I sit down to complete his Explode the Code work, Oliver actually will grab the Hooked on Phonics workbook and push it to me.  Up to now, the only word he could say consistently was "da da."  He said "sit" the other night, randomly, but hasn't said it again.  Last week, he began saying "shoo gah" or "sugar."  I'm pretty sure he picked that up from me since that's what I call him all the time.  So, now he walks up to me when he wants something and says "shoo gah."

I'll take it.  It's progress!

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