Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Very nicely, thank you.

I know the saying is "April showers bring May flowers," but March showers will do just fine. We've had a steady, gentle rain for the past couple of days and the garden is loving it.

The boys have had a grand old time running around barefoot, splashing in the mud, stomping puddles, and looking for earthworms on the sidewalk to add to our compost pile. And, as you can see by our bird list, our winged visitors have been numerous, enticed by a freshly-cut lawn and a buffet of insects too wet to fly away.

The only downside to the weather is that Henry is unable to fly his new kite.  He is anxious to try it out, but there's nothing we can do with it right now.  I'm making this a teaching opportunity for the virtue of patience.

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