Monday, March 21, 2011

Garden and Shadow Art

Our seedlings are sprouting their first sets of real leaves.  We've thinned out our carrots and onions and seeing some buds already forming on our strawberry plants.  Last summer, we tossed a strawberry runner on the ground between our deck and the house.  Lo and behold, it took root and has four little strawberries already forming this year!

A hawk, circling.  It was fighting with an osprey this morning.

The strawberries are taking off.  Henry is looking forward to harvesting.

The potato plant is bigger every day.  I think we're going to get another trash can and see if we can grow some more.

Bunching onions, thinned.

Carrots, thinned and forming their actual tops.

Cucumber with new growth.

Watermelon and cantaloupe with new growth.  They'll be ready to transplant very soon!

Shadow outline of Henry.  I filled in the features and clothes (purple).  Henry added food to his stomach (green).

Sitting on the deck this morning in our pajamas.
In the above picture, I'm searching Amazon for a bird guide.  Just this morning, we saw a hawk, an osprey, bluebirds, crows, and heard a woodpecker.  I ordered The Sibley Guide to Birds and I think we'll all enjoy classifying the birds we see in our area.

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