Monday, March 14, 2011


While flipping through our lesson plans, I noticed that we only have a couple more weeks of workbooks left!  We started week 16 today, 17 is next week, and week 18 will finish up our pages on Monday.  We'll use Wednesday of that week to do a few activities from the back of the books and assess Henry to see how much he's retained.  If everything looks good, we'll email Angelicum Academy on Friday, April 1st, to get Henry's Nursery Level award certificate!

Our "electives" of religion and science have 32 and 36 weeks of lessons, respectively.  We will continue with those along our same schedule on the weekends.  Without any further breaks, we'll be finished with our religion book in July and with our science book in August, just in time to get started on the Preschool level in September.

So, what will we do during the week until then?  I'll continue to review the basics with Henry and reinforce what he's learned this year.  Oliver turns two at the end of this month.  I'll start his 2-year curriculum from Hands on Homeschooling on April 4th.  (I can't believe he's going to be 2!!!)

We're also going to be pretty busy with things around the house.  We planted a bunch of container gardens recently and we'll be working on those every day.  I'm learning to sew and have been making lots of things for the kids.  We're also learning how to make soap (just melt-and-pour recipes, no cold-pressing or lye or anything like that!) and would like to learn how to make candles.

Henry and I have really enjoyed the lessons so far this year and I'm even more certain that our decision to homeschool is the right one for our family. 

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