Saturday, February 19, 2011

Air, Air, Everywhere!

Our air unit is going very well!  It's pretty hard to explain what air is to a three-year-old, but I think Henry is starting to catch on.  Here are some pictures of what we've been up to, science-wise:

We were able to visit the Tulsa Air and Space Museum recently.  Each of these tubes is blowing a jet of air and keeping the plastic balls aloft.  The middle tube was maneuverable and the ball would follow the jet of air around if you moved it slowly and steadily.
Henry was pretty amazed by this little exhibit.

There was a weather area at the museum and one of the neatest parts was this tornado-maker!

Henry, Oliver, and me in the midst of 78.7 mph winds.  Oliver wasn't too impressed.

Henry is blowing tissue paper confetti around inside the baggie.

Here, we've smushed up a paper towel and crammed it in to the bottom of a glass.  The bowl is full of water.  We placed the glass into the water, straight down, and the air trapped inside kept the paper towel pressed against the glass, high and dry.

Henry, running to create enough air pressure to keep the paper towel from falling off of his body.

Scattering tissue paper confetti all over the floor.  Henry thought this was pretty funny

Using a straw to make a toy car move.

Trying to blow over a toy without the straw.

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