Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week in Review: October 11 - October 17, 2010

Henry completed all of his workbook assignments for the week.  Our emphasis was on "always do your best work."  At the end of each page, we looked over all of the letters or shapes that were traced and picked out the one that looked the nicest.  While Henry was tracing, I encouraged him to take it slow and do his best.

Henry's favorite Good Books story is still "Squirrel Nutkin."  He is beginning to memorize parts of it and continues to find Nutkin's tail loss hilarious.  Last night, he realized that we have another Peter Rabbit book, one that we've had since he was a baby: Peter Rabbit Touch and Feel.  He was very excited to tie them together, but was disappointed that Nutkin did not make an appearance in the other book.

Saturday's science lesson, Circle of Earth, was fun.  Henry pored over the grass with his magnifying glass and made some good observations about what he saw (green grass, a purple flower with a yellow center, ants, spiderweb).  The find of the day was an abandoned snail shell, which we collected:

Sunday, after Mass, we completed Henry's first lesson in Who Am I?.  He colored a shamrock (to represent the three Persons of God), and put cards in order showing the steps to make the Sign of the Cross.  I recited the Glory Be to him and he repeated it back to me line by line.

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