Sunday, June 20, 2010


Our homeschooling journey actually began in the summer of 2009, shortly before Henry's second birthday.  We knew we wanted to homeschool (actually, I knew and my husband was willing to go along with it, at least through kindergarten), but we weren't sure how we wanted to do it.

After weeks of searching and poring over different curricula, we decided that Angelicum Academy was the program for us.  It was rigorous, challenging, Catholic, and provided a strong foundation for life-long learning.  However, the program's first level was nursery school for three-year-old children and Henry was not quite two.

As Henry was showing an increased interest in learning new skills, we didn't want to wait an entire year before introducing some structure in to his day.  Some further research yielded a two-year-old curriculum from Hands on Homeschooling.

Hands on Homeschooling was a wonderful starter program and we'll continue to use the lesson plans as our wait listees reach two.  From September until May, Henry learned shapes, colors, and letters, did crafts, learned songs, and generally had a lot of fun with "school" each day.  It was also a good introduction to homeschooling for me, giving me an idea of how our days would be structured and how little siblings would need to fit in to our schedule.

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