Saturday, June 26, 2010

All Gathered In

Our books and lesson plans have arrived!  We have one more item that I just ordered today, Count with Peter Rabbit.  It should be here Tuesday.  For some reason, it wasn't listed in the Angelicum Academy bookstore.  It's referenced throughout the lesson plans, though, so I figured we'd go ahead and get it.

We had so many deliveries coming this week that Henry now shouts "schoolbooks!" whenever the doorbell rings.  We've both enjoyed flipping through the materials, although I'm probably a wee bit more excited than he is.

We also had to expand our bookshelves to accommodate all of our new books.  One trip to Target got us 2 big bookshelves that look very nice in the hallway.  I was able to fit all of our nicer books on those shelves, including the Great Books set that I picked up a year ago from a library sale for the awesome price of $1 per book.  Our smaller bookshelf is now in the boys' room and holds my husband's "antique" collection of Disney books that his mother saved for him from his childhood.

So, now we wait!  Although I'm really tempted to get started now, I know it will be better to wait until the fall when we're all settled in.  Until then, we'll continue to practice letters, numbers, colors, and shapes and spend more time reading and just having fun!

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