Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The longest weeks...

I'm coming to the end.  There are 9 more days until my due date.  Psychologically, I'm prepping myself to go until June 28th, the earliest that base OB will schedule an elective induction.  The thought of that is disheartening, though.  I'm having good bouts of strong contractions here and there, but nothing consistent.  My goal this time is to avoid any false alarm trips to L&D.

Unfortunately, I don't have too much to keep my mind occupied at the moment.  Henry is done with preschool, so there aren't any daily lessons to complete.  His kindergarten level is mapped out already, so the fun of planning that is over.  I don't want to start any big projects that will have to be put aside once the baby arrives, yet I am feeling a bit of the nesting urge.

I did get the rest of our liturgical-colored felt cut up for our little altar.  The Garden of the Good Shepherd has been put away, each vinyl sticker painstakingly removed and put back on the storage sheet.  Our Mary in May tree has been stripped of its ornaments and the tree itself tucked away until Advent.  We're back to Ordinary Time.

The plan for now is to just stay on top of all the little things: keeping up with the laundry, grocery shopping, and housekeeping.  I'm trying not to put off anything so that nothing will get too built up.  Did I mention that we have someone come once a week to help clean?  A friend of ours has her own cleaning business and we jumped all over the opportunity to have her over for a couple of hours.  She's taking care of the floors and bathrooms, the things that are hardest for me to get to between having a belly that enters rooms before I do and having three little kids who cannot for the life of them understand why it's not a good idea to run across wet floors.  It has been a dream come true to relinquish those responsibilities.  Matt gets the Best Husband Ever award for insisting upon it.

I think it's time to check out a big stack of library books. 

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