Sunday, July 1, 2012

Let it begin. Let it begin. LET IT BEGIN!

This is Henry, pretty much.  He's rather excited about starting kindergarten this week.  I'm not sure if it's the work that he's looking forward to or the idea he picked up from somewhere that he will magically receive a remote-controlled dragon once he finishes said work.  Probably the dragon.  Do they even make remote-controlled dragons? 

Amazon says: yes.

If we were doing things preschool style, this would be a terrible week to start school. There's a lot going on.  First, Oliver's ECHO application is finally in, so we've got interviews lined up with some ABA therapy providers in our area. (Hooray!)  Second, ever since we all came down with that stomach bug a while back, Oliver's sleep issues have come back.  With a vengeance.  We've tried just about every non-pharmaceutical method out there to get him sleeping through the night again, but it's not working.  So, he has an appointment with our pediatrician this week to discuss other options.  Third, Oliver also has his regular therapy this week.  And last, but not least, Wednesday is Independence Day.

So, very busy.  With our new year-round method, though, we'll just take each day as it comes.  I did take an hour or so last week to review the first five or six lessons in each subject, pull resources, and make any copies needed.  Our only planned activity for Independence Day is a read-aloud of the Declaration of Independence.  Pinterest be damned, I'm not making red-white-and-blue fruit-kabobs or any other patriotically colored foodstuffs.  Not this year.

There's something about having four children under five years old that has me saying "not this year" quite frequently.  I get a nice feeling of peace and serenity that washes over me each time I acknowledge and embrace my limitations.  It's very satisfying.

Anyway, I'll no longer be posting about our plans for the coming week.  Instead, I'll post a review of what we actually covered at the end of the week.  Let's see how this goes!

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