Saturday, April 21, 2012

Third Week of Easter: April 22 - 28, 2012

I passed my three-hour glucose!  Again!  Maybe next time, I could just take it once at 28 weeks instead of taking four throughout the pregnancy.  That would be nice.

Oliver's OT evaluation went really well.  The therapist was great, the room and resources were great, and Oliver really took to her right away.  She'll be focusing on increasing his ADLs (activities of daily living, like putting on his own clothes, using utensils, potty training) and addressing sensory issues.  His new speech evaluation is this week.  After that's done, we'll get him scheduled for weekly sessions with both, hopefully back to back.

Because, as I've stated before, I'm a sucker for resources, I've already ordered some OT things to add to our playroom/schoolroom.
  • A stability ball - This was Oliver's favorite during the evaluation.  Amazon delivered it yesterday and Oliver has spent half the morning on it already.  I may get this smaller version to use as a chair at our little table to encourage him to sit and work on some fine motor skills.  The only thing is that I'll probably have to get Jane and Henry one each, too.
  • Triangular crayons - I got these at Target for a third of the price that Amazon had them at.  I'm not sure what the price inflation is all about there.  Regardless, they actually have Oliver holding the crayons correctly.
  • Crayola Beginnings Color Me a Song - Oliver has never been too interested in coloring, but he enjoyed using this with the OT.  It's a little tablet that interprets the speed of the child's coloring to play music.  I think it will encourage him to do more than scribble aimlessly for 15 seconds before dropping his crayon and heading over to something else.
  • Fundanoodle kits - We've got three on the way: I Can Cut, I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, Trace, and I Can Pound.  These are all part of a handwriting development program created by pediatric occupational therapists.  We'll see how he does with them.
Henry got right back to work this week.  I think he really missed his phonics work.  He was excited to open up the second level of his Hooked on Phonics kindergarten kit.  For this week, he'll work on:

Language Arts 
  • Go for the Code - letter z
  • Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Kindergarten Level 2 - lessons 4 & 5 (-ob and -og words)
Saxon Math K
  • Lesson 94 - Covering a design using tangrams
  • Lesson 95 - Paying for items to $.25 using nickels
  • Lesson 96 - Covering designs using tangrams
We're still doing our nightly ceremony using The Garden of the Good ShepherdI'm also getting ready for May.  We've got this book and an accompanying poster on its way from Catholic Artworks.  I've also got my eye on this Flowering Mary Tree craft from Crafolic.  We can take our Lent ornaments off of the willow branches and put these up throughout May.

Speaking of May, sometime between the end of it and mid-June, I'm going to have a baby.  I have GOT to finish the set of boy clothes.  In fact, I'll work on that today.  I also need to order some diapers and other miscellaneous needs.  I can't believe how fast this is approaching.  It feels like I just found out!

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