Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Here comes a busy week!

We decided to get started on our Palm Sunday crafts yesterday because Matt has to work today.  So, we made our own version of this "palm" branch from Shower of Roses.

We also went to the vigil Mass yesterday.  Henry was really excited about getting his palm branch and waving it around.  Fortunately, he wasn't too exuberant and we managed to get them all home in one piece.

This morning, after breakfast, Henry and I used this tutorial to make seven palm frond crosses, one for each member of our family.  We hung all of the crosses from some of the stringy material from the fronds and tied it to our Jesus Tree.

All in all, our little Lent table is coming along nicely.  This week, I do need to get some white felt to make a new table cover.  I'm also going to pick an Easter lily or two.

For the rest of the week, Henry has three math assignments:
  • Lesson 85 - Assessment #9: Counting by 1s; Handwriting master 16
  • Lesson 86 - Dividing by sharing, comparing numbers to ten
  • Lesson 87 - Exploring tangram pieces; Handwriting master 17
We're going to make our own Paschal candle this year.  Homeschool Goodies has linked to a Catholic clip art site that updates a candle wrapper each year during Holy Week.  I'm hoping that they'll provide another update this year, because the wrapper is really pretty.  All we'll do is print it out and attach it to a tall votive candle.  If the site doesn't come through, we'll have to figure something else out!

We'll make the candle on Saturday and we'll also dye some Easter eggs on Saturday.  We're going to go traditional and do red Easter eggs.  I really do mean "traditional," too.  We're using an old-fashioned method of dyeing with yellow onion skins.  I've been saving our onion skins since Lent began and I hope it works!

On Good Friday, I'm going to make some hot cross buns, children permitting.  We will probably omit the dried currants, though.  I don't think they would go over well with anybody.

Today, we'll begin working on our Easter lapbook from In the Hands of a Child.  There is a six-day schedule for completion, so we should wrap it up on Saturday.  We also will cover our crucifixes with purple cloths.

Additionally, we've got a follow-up appointment with the developmental pediatrician for Oliver and another ultrasound for me this week.  So, yes, it's a busy week, but we'll keep focused on what's most important.

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