Monday, April 9, 2012

First Week of Easter: April 8 - 14, 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Ours was great!  Saturday, we dyed eggs with yellow onion skins:

That evening, we dragged some mattresses downstairs and camped out.  We watched a movie and ate popcorn and stayed up much too late.  Henry was chastising the rest of us for being awake and keeping the Easter Bunny from its appointed rounds.  Eventually, we all fell asleep and woke up to candy, books, and toys:

Although, some of us slept in longer than others:

After a quick breakfast, we headed to church for Mass.  Our options were to arrive an hour early and get a seat or arrive on time and stand.  The prospect of keeping the kids settled for an extra hour was daunting, so we wound up standing in the narthex with plenty of other people to keep us company.

Back at home, our Lent table was transformed to an Easter table:

And, once Jane took a nap, Matt hid eggs all over the place upstairs and we had a little hunt:

Dinner was a leisurely affair, eaten by the light of our Paschal candle.  Afterwards, we had our first reading and sticker from our Garden of the Good Shepherd sticker book.  I'm really glad we got this; Henry was wide-eyed at the thought of Easter lasting for 50 days.

This is our last week of vacation, so Henry just has math again this week.  His assignments are:
  • Lesson 88 - Creating a tangram design, sorting and identifying tangram pieces
  • Lesson 89 - Measuring length using nonstandard pieces
  • Lesson 90 - Identifying nickels, counting by 5s
Oliver is still doing great with his color bean bags and Starfall.  He's even said "yellow" twice, once on Friday and once today.  He wasn't echoing, either.  I asked which color he wanted next and, each time, he picked up the yellow bean bag and said, "yellow."  We spent about an hour today on the site going over colors, letters, and making pumpkins.  He's definitely got the whole pointing thing down when it comes to Starfall.  At first, I thought he might be thinking that the monitor was a touchpad like my Kindle Fire, but when I don't click on what he's pointed at fast enough, he grabs my hand and puts it on the mouse!

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