Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18 - 24, 2012

Whew.  A lot less going on this week than last week.  At least with school.

Henry's math lessons for this week are:
  • Lesson 79 - Ordering objects by length, measuring length using nonstandard units
  • Lesson 80 - Making an ABC pattern using pattern blocks
  • Lesson 81 - Acting out "some", "some more," and "some went away" stories; handwriting master 14
Monday is the Solemnity of St. Joseph.  We've been doing this novena from Catholic Icing and will finish it Monday evening.  Other than that, all I've got planned for the day is a coloring page.  Maybe next year we can make a St. Joseph's altar, but that is not going to happen during this rotation around the sun.

Oliver has one speech therapy appointment this week.

There are a couple of good sales beginning Monday.  The first is from LinguiSystems.  If you sign up as a member (free, just an email list), you get a code good for 30% off your order until the 23rd.  This is a site with a huge assortment of speech language pathology resources.  I'm planning on ordering this Early Intervention Kit for Oliver.  The sign-up process for therapy is taking a ridiculous amount of time and I'm unwilling to sit around and wait any longer.  I think this kit will help me to accurately assess where Oliver's delays are and the activity guide will provide specific exercises to address each problem.

In the Hands of a Child (the site we ordered the St. Patrick's lapbook from) is having a March Madness sale this month.  Each week, they're putting a few entire categories on sale for 50% off.  This week, their seasonal/holiday category is going to be one of the ones on sale, so I'm going to order this Easter lapbook to put aside for Holy Week or the first week of Easter, depending on the included activities.  Next week, science is on sale and I'll be loading up on 8 different lapbooks that we'll use next year for kindergarten.

I need to get a little more sewing done this week.  The coming home girl set is pretty much done, except for the mittens and shoes.  I may scrap the shoes, though.  The pattern is for a 6-9 month old size and our kids all have tiny, tiny feet when they're born.  I don't know if I could use the machine to make shoes small enough to fit and I really don't have the time to hand sew them.  I may just go with socks instead.  I need to do the diaper cover and trim for the boy set and then that will be finished, too.  I also have some material all ready to make one more pillowcase dress for Jane.  She's got six of those now, along with five or six skirts.  I think she has a nicer wardrobe than I do!

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