Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 11 - 17, 2012

I have gone a little resource-crazy this week.  Just a little.  I'm blaming Facebook and Pinterest.  There are so many great homeschooling resource sites out there that I would have never heard of if not for those bastions of social media.  The kids are either going to love all of this or go absolutely crazy.  Or both.

First, Henry's math assignments for the week from Saxon Math K:
  • Lesson 76 - Copying lines and shapes on a geoboard
  • Lesson 77 - Copying lines and shapes on a geoboard (again)
  • Lesson 78 - Assessment #8 - Creating a real graph; Handwriting master 13
We have two projects this week, one big and one little.

The little project is in anticipation of the feast day of St. Joseph on Monday, March 19th.  Lacy, from Catholic Icing, created an awesome children's novena.  It's a printable stand-up picture of St. Joseph and the infant Jesus that includes the novena prayer.  She includes instructions for creating nine St. Joseph's lilies from pipe cleaners and paper, one for each day of the novena.  In order to finish the novena on the 19th, we'll start this on Sunday.  And I'm still giggling over her using a shot glass to hold the finished lilies.  I'm trying to think if we have one that would be appropriate for the occasion.  I believe most of ours were collected during our more, um, freewheeling days.  I suppose I could always stick them in a juice glass instead.

The big project is for St. Patrick's Day.  We are all enamored of the Cars Tot Book that we made earlier this week.  Thanks to the aforementioned Facebook and Pinterest, I came across another site, In the Hands of a Child, that sells complete project packs for a variety of different subjects.  They're a self-contained unit that includes activities and crafts across the board.  Each week, they offer a $5 ebook for download and the one for this week is St. Patrick's Day.  Henry was peeking over my shoulder while I browsed the site, saw the book, and literally squealed in delight.  When I asked him if he'd like to make it this week, he could barely say yes, so I went ahead and got it.

The packet is fantastic.  It's a 95 page PDF that includes a daily plan to complete the lapbook in 7 days.  The age range is pre-K to 3rd grade, so it's something we can come back to over the next few years.  I think it will be well worth the $5.

We'll also do the craft activities that were outlined in this post, although I may spread them out during the week and leave just the coloring page and cooking/baking to the 17th.

Oh, we're doing these printable rosary cards from Paper Dali, too.  We were going to do coloring pages, but I think Henry is getting a little colored out.

I spent yesterday's naptime cleaning out and reorganizing the schoolroom.  We're making room for next year's books and materials and finding places for all of the tools and supplies that we are relying on more and more.  We'll see how the new setup works this week.

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