Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: BOB Books Set 1 - Beginning Readers

With Henry starting to read, we needed some more beginning reader books around the house.  The Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten level sets do come with a few books in each one, but I wanted some extra books that Henry could pull off the shelf on his own without jumping ahead in his lessons.  A quick scan of The Well-Trained Mind's resource list showed the BOB Books were highly recommended.

I ordered the first set of BOB Books, for beginning readers, and waited impatiently for them to arrive.  Once they did, I settled down with Henry and he dove right in.  The books themselves are the perfect size for preschool hands.  My only complaint is that they are printed on thin paper and the covers are about cardstock thickness.  Henry is careful with them, but there are other little hands trying to reach for them and I'll need to keep them out of reach.  This kind of defeats the purpose of having books around that Henry can grab at will.  It would have been awesome if they were printed as board books, but maybe it's a cost thing.

The twelve stories are cute.  They're short and sweet and funny.  Henry laughed out loud often.  Each book begins with a listing of the new sounds that will be covered in that book.  There are a few sight words (the, is, on) that I provided for him as he sounded out the others, but these are truly books that a beginning reader can read on their own.  The illustrations are simple, monochromatic line drawings.  They give a little hint on the corresponding sentences, but not so much that the reader just tries to make up the story based on the picture.

Other than the sturdiness of the books, my one quibble is that the font is a handwritten one instead of Times New Roman or something like that.  I suppose it goes along with the simple illustrations, but I would have liked a more standardized font.  Regardless, Henry is enjoying his new books.  He loves that he can read them and he thinks they're funny.  That's good enough for me.

- Four out of five stars due to moderately high likelihood of complete destruction by younger siblings and non-standard font

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