Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week in Review: For the Birds


The Matrix

 Henry did very well with his lessons this week.  Math continues to be the favorite.  In our longest lesson yet, Henry sorted two shapes in two sizes and three colors into a matrix and then used the matrix to determine which piece was missing when I took it away while he had his eyes closed.  It was really neat to watch him go from randomly guessing to actually using the matrix and getting the answer right each time.

His art lesson this week was birds.  This was the first time that he had to draw more than one subject and it's also the first time that his lesson was presented as a tableau.  He's had other ones that show background in the completed picture, but in order for his drawings to make sense, he really needed to include the tree and branches.


In the Fortress of Solitude
Oliver had two speech therapy sessions this week.  The last one was his first time going back to the office on his own because it was the first time I had to bring Henry and Jane along by myself.  He gave two looks back at me as he walked through the door to make sure it was okay, but was just fine other than that.  His therapist said that he said "no" and "out" during the session and that it seemed like he was using them appropriately.

At home, we've heard him say "all done," or maybe more like "aw dn."  The first time he said it, he was at the table and pushing his plate away.  The second time he said it was when I was trying to get Matt to agree that's what he said (Matt was talking to Henry and didn't hear it the first time).  So the conversation went like this:
Oliver: Aw dn.
Me: Yes!  You're all done!  Good job, Ollie!... Matt, did you hear him say "all done?"
Matt: Are you sure that's what he said?  Maybe you're imagining it.  I don't think he-
Oliver: Aw dn!
So, then we both agreed that he actually said it.


Daddy's Girl
Still a little goober.  Still waving and saying "hello!"  And she's definitely calling Matt "Dada" now.  She only says something that sounds like "Maaaaaaaaaaaa" when she's wailing, but that's par for the course.

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