Friday, September 9, 2011

Saxon Math K, Goose

Our first week of Saxon Math K is complete and, so far, Henry is really enjoying it.  Of course, so far, "math" has consisted of designing rocket launch towers with pattern blocks and lining up brightly colored plastic bears into an army of viciously cute warriors.  So, we may yet run into difficulty in the future.  I hope Henry will always remain excited about math, though.

The meeting book concept is kind of interesting.  I suppose I never really thought of the calendar as a math concept, but they need to learn it somewhere.  It's kind of strange to listen to Henry puzzle it out.  Looking at a calendar and figuring out today's information seems like such a given that it's a little hard to remember actually learning what everything means, that days have names and numbers and months follow each other through the year.

I'll also give Saxon this: they certainly know how to whet a child's appetite to keep them coming back for more.  Limiting Henry's time playing with the manipulatives certainly makes him anxious for our next math lesson.  I was skeptical at first.  Three to five minutes of teddy bear time and then they get put away?  However, I completely see the point now.

And Henry's art lesson for today was a goose. 

Not this Goose.

This one.

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