Friday, August 26, 2011

Barns and Rulers

Today was Henry's first non-animal art lesson.  He worked very carefully on his barn, using a ruler to draw some of the straight lines.  Henry also decided to add some background because, "I want Papa to see my beautiful picture on our website."  So, Papa, this one is for you!

With September upon us, I'm spending a good part of today working on our lesson plans for next month.  We finish up with volume this week and will begin our science unit on evaporation and condensation next week.  In preparation, I ordered our science-through-literature selection for the month: Down Comes the Rain. I think Henry will enjoy it and these lessons will be good for what is usually the rainy month of September.

Our biggest change for next month is that we will start math!  Angelicum Academy is a little accelerated in their math program.  The preschool material is Saxon Math K, which is the kindergarten level of the Saxon program.  Just flipping through the manual,  I don't think Henry will have any issues with this.  With the work he did on numbers and counting last year, the beginning will be a review.  And he is "so excited" to begin working with the manipulative kit that has been high up on a shelf ever since it arrived via UPS. Anticipation: the great motivator.

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  1. WOW! That's looks fantastic Henry! You did a great job. Thank you for sharing. I love you.