Saturday, May 28, 2011

In the end, they're all melons.

It seems that I really was mixed up with the watermelons and cantaloupes.  When I planted the seeds, I did one side of the egg carton for each type of plant.  And when I put them in the pools, I used the picture on the seed packet to match the leaf shape and identify which were which. 

Except the seed packets had the wrong leaves.  Really.  It showed the cantaloupe as having the lacy, scalloped leaves and the watermelon as having the big, broad leaves.



 But, this is what we've got out there:

Clearly cantaloupes.  Note the broad leaves on the vines.

Obviously a watermelon.  Note the lacy leaves on the vines.

I'm not going to sweat it.  Either way, we're going to have some melons.  For that we shall be thankful.

We also have some pretty chamomile flowers blooming.  I don't think there are enough to make tea, but they are sweet to see and smell.

The newest addition to our garden is this Venus Flytrap.  We went to a very playful wedding and these were the "flowers" on each table at the reception.

We spent a good chunk of this morning explaining to Henry how the plants eat insects.  And how they wouldn't eat him.
And then we did our science demonstration for the week to get his mind off of the completely-evil-and-coming-to-get-him-in the-night-whilst-we-sleep plant.  

Smashing leaves and flowers with a mallet does wonders for a pre-schooler's sense of dominion over the garden flora.

And it's pretty, too.

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