Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Learn Something New Every Day

So, even though we are on vacation and we are (as seen in the post below) having a lot of fun with non-academic activities, I think it's important to keep some structure in the day.

A while back, I ran across a nice deal on a big white board and snapped one up for our schoolroom.  For the past week or so, after the kids have gone to bed, I've taken a few minutes to put up some interesting facts about the next day.  I include the date and day, anything special about the day in the eyes of the Church, the feast day, the readings for the day, the Mysteries of the Rosary for the day, and an historical fact.

For example, here is today's board:

At some point during the day, I go over the information with Henry.  We look up the saint whose feast day it is and I give Henry a summary of his or her life.  We read our Bible readings.  We talk about the Mysteries.  Finally, I try to find some interesting pictures concerning the historical fact online for Henry to look at.

After today's "lesson," Henry has decided that he wants to be an astronaut.  In fact, he wants all of us (including little Jane) to be astronauts.  He requested a coloring page of the space shuttle as his activity for today and is completing it even as I type.

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