Friday, January 7, 2011

Important Information for Homeschooling Families

Please read and forward to your friends and family!


Freedom for homeschooling parents, however, may become a thing of the past, a relic, perhaps never to be unearthed again, if Congress adopts tax credits for homeschoolers.  Parents might well enjoy such tax credits for the moment, but that momentary enjoyment will be short-lived when they come to realize the dire consequences that may occur after accepting such a federal bribe.   What could happen?  Well, imagine this scenario:

1.            Congress adopts tax credits for homeschoolers.
2.            Homeschoolers accept the tax credits.
3.            Congress now has Constitutional authority over homeschooling.
4.            The IRS Secretary adopts “regulations” to determine the definition of a “homeschool”, and to determine what courses, curricula, textbooks, timeframe, and method a parent can use in order to “qualify” for the tax credits.
5.            The IRS audits your homeschool course, curricula, textbooks, timeframe, and method used.
6.            The federal definition of the term “homeschool” conflicts with the State definition of “homeschool”.  The Supremacy clause of the Constitution now applies, rendering the State definition of “homeschool” null and void. Parents must now comply with the federal definition of “homeschool”.  The authority of state legislatures to regulate education within their state is usurped.
7.            Parents who do not comply with the federal definition of “homeschool” may be in violation of the federal law.
8.            Congress, the President, or the federal Education Department establish new laws or regulations dealing with violations of the federal “homeschool” law.
9.            Parents are found to be neglectful of their children for violating the federal “homeschool” law.
10.        Congress adopts new legislation establishing a federal Department of Child Protective Services.
11.        The new federal Child Protective Services agency adopts new rules and regulations defining neglect and abuse, and hire new employees with investigative powers, and powers to remove the child from the home.

Is any of the above really too farfetched to be beyond reality? 

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  1. Stopping by from Catholic Mothers Online.
    How disturbing. I hope and pray that the homeschooling movement is strong enough to overcome this threat. Thank you for posting this.