Monday, November 15, 2010

Week in Review: November 8 - November 14, 2010

Henry completed all of his workbook pages for the week.

For Science Saturday, we began our day of exploring liquids and solids by... baking!  Since our science experiment for the day involved suspending solids in a liquid, I thought baking a pecan pie would be a great (and tasty) start.  I will always remember my 10th grade chemistry teacher using the directions for baking brownies to help us learn how to balance chemical equations.

Our results:


While the pie was baking, we got started on our actual experiment.  Although the book called for making a necklace, I decided to modify a bit and use a canning jar instead.  I wanted Henry to get a good look at what was inside and I didn't think a film canister would be large enough.

Materials - Canning jar and plastic lid, water, crayon bits, glitter glue:

Pouring the water into the jar:

Adding the crayon bits:

Crayon bits in the jar of water:

Adding glitter glue (a lot easier than using loose glitter!):

Examining the particles in the water:

Shaking things up:

Making a tornado:

After inspecting the jar and its contents and shaking and swishing and stirring it all about, we put the jar in the freezer.  Later that evening, Henry was excited to see that the liquid water had now become solid water, AKA ice!

We left the jar on the counter overnight and Henry rushed down in the morning to see what happened.  He was amazed that it had turned back to liquid water.  After this experiment, Henry was confidently pointing out liquids and solids throughout the house.

Sunday, Henry helped his daddy wash the car and got a lot of practice following directions.  And also dealing with the consequences of not following directions.  I feel that this "lesson" will continue for years...

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